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This community is for lovers (or haters) of chemistry. Post questions, news, or anything else chemistry related


• If you have a question please include any work you have done/what you think the answer may be and any logic behind said answer!! That way we can point out any flaw(s) in your logic. This will only help you in the long run. This rule mainly applies to non-conceptual questions.

• Do not post new questions that are unrelated to the original post in the comments. Make a new post for your own questions.

• This is not a replacement for going to class. Post specific questions. Questions such as, "I missed a week of school, please help! I need to know about equation balancing, unit converions, NMR, nomenclature and equilibrium." will not be allowed.

• Do not flame other members, I have zero tolerance for it. Debates are fine.

• If you think you have a informative link, email the maintainer. Don't post an entry for it.

• Post about illegal activities will be denied when we feel the need for it. If someone has a genuine question about an illegal synthesis, fine. We can tell the difference between those who know their stuff, and have an actual interest, and those who don't. Besides, if you know your chemistry, you will have no need to ask questions such as, "How do you make MDMA?".

For those of you that need help, and you want to post formulas, here's the step-by-step guide.

Let's say you want to write out phosphoric acid (H3PO4)... you would write it out as
H<SUB>3</SUB>PO<SUB>4</SUB> this gives you H3PO4.

Note that the numbers that go a little bit BELOW are encased by <SUB> and </SUB>

Now, let's say that you're a little further along in your course and now you're dealing with anions and cations... and then you get to the COMPLEX anions ... here's how you'd do that (this time let's strip a few protons off the phosphoric acid to get phosphate)
H2PO4-1 is written as H<SUB>2</SUB>PO<SUB>4</SUB><SUP>-1</SUP>
HPO4-2 is written as HPO<SUB>4</SUB><SUP>-2</SUP>
PO4-3 is written as PO<SUB>4</SUB><SUP>-3</SUP>

Note that the numbers that go a little bit ABOVE are encased by <SUP> and </SUP>

Helpful Links:

Element/Molecule Info -
Chemfinder is useful when in need of molecular weights, densities, etc.

Periodic Table

Organic Reactions/Mechanisms -
Common Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry

Alkenes: Reactions and Mechanisms

Alkynes: Reactions and Mechanisms

List of Organic Reactions

Spectroscopy -
Organic Spec Database which includes IR, NMR, Raman, MS, and ESR of thousands of organic compounds.

Spec Wizard can predict peaks in IR, NMR and MS based on info you have.

A pretty complete IR absorption frequency table.

IR Band Calculator

Calculators -
Molecular Weight Calculator

Chemical Equation Balancer

Beer-Lambert Law Calculator

Gas Law Calculator

Stoichiometry Calculator

Empirical and Molecular Formula Solver

Tutorial on how to use excel to find 1st and 2nd derivatives. Very useful for finding the end point of a titration.

Conversion Calculators -
Metric to Metric Converter

Converter for almost anything such as area, density, energy, force, mass, length, volume, temperature, etc.

HTML Links -
HTML Greek letters and symbols

HTML Latin letters and more symbols

Alt Key Codes for some symbols

If you have any questions on how to use these just email me. Some of them can be difficult to get used to.

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